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France of Gastronomy


Monday,Jun 25, 2018
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About Us
Behind the name of France of Gastronomy, there is 2 impassioned of good dishes which are first and foremost cousins: Mickaël and Stéphane. They wanted to share their passion for the products of terroir while highlighting the producers.
Their project is to propose to you the savors directly resulting from smallholders from all the areas of France. Here, you will find wines, terrines, saucissons and much more still. All the wealth of our inheritance.

You will see, the real stars of this site are the producers, creators of our country. Because their craft, it is a lot of effort, a permanent work regardless of the climatic conditions. The animals and the Earth ask a daily care; the creation of products of quality demands the will, courage and a commitment without half-measure…
This site wants to be thus popular, rich, coloured with taste, quality.

Like the preparation of a good meal, from a good wine which requires patience and care, our site will take the time to ... [More Information]
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